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Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
! needing a 3-game sweep over texas to have a shot, the a's did just that! garry will have more from the players coming up. >>> a sheriff's suspect involved in a shooting this evening in san jose. the suspect was taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries: the deputy was patrolling one of the stations when he noticed a man acting erratically. he followed the man for 10 minute, then the deputy said the man-made threatening moves. >> to what extend he was threatening the officers or throwing things or coming at them, that's going to have to be passed out through the interviews. >> the sheriff's department is contracted out by cal trains and has jurisdiction over the tracks. the shooting caused several train delays this evening. >>> coming up, one of our own takes flight with the blue angels! >> coming up, more oakland a's celebration! bring on the tigers on saturday, and the giants are getting ready to finish up the regular season versus cincinnati. >>> a mistrial was declared today in the federal cocaine fraud trial of a san francisco crime lab technician. a natural judge
Oct 25, 2012 12:00pm CDT
to set up a debate. chicago police superintendant garry mccarthy is announcing a new gunshot detection technology program today. mccarthy used a similar program when he was the police chief in newark. acoustic sensors placed in high crime areas were able to detect the source of gunfire. the technology allowed officers to zero in on a location of gun violence... to quickly dispatch police and paramedics. more details on how the program will work in chicago will be released later today. a chicago alderman has come up with an idea to handle the police manpower shortage without straining the city budget. brendan reilly suggests north michigan avenue businesses hire off-duty cops for extra patrols. reilly says it would help the department concentrate on lowering crime in other parts of the city. police superintendent garry mccarthy says he's interested in the idea. mccarthy says he's also frustrated by the number of "non-emergency" calls his officers are forced to respond to when they could be fighting crime in the streets. still to come this midday. tom skilling has your full forecast! [
Oct 21, 2012 8:00pm PDT
every october. at least 20 different lit up the sky. in one hour. and because we have. garry here.. >> i want to dedicate this segment to my friend, randy. we were going to have a stanley roberts section. however, however, he was going to hijack a woman who was getting ready to jay walk a w hessoman from nicaragua woman that was 75 years old (laughter) however, tonight is a big event with the baseball. and even on talk radio because we do not screen. scre -- >> however, when you have a big event will not screen on the radio. and they are trying to get to the super bowl. tiger woods will be there next year for the golf tournament. and we are not soft spoken about this. we are excited about the giants. >> and we are intelligent will not scream.. all the time. >> j.r. stone will deftly find them, the screamers. definitely -- [laughter] >> he gets those same fans. >> we are going all the way. and!!
Oct 11, 2012 12:00pm CDT
garry mccarthy and others are exploring some of those innovative ideas. police superintendent was a speaker at this morning's events. they launched a twitter handle. seeking strategy is to tackle the illegal gun issue. mccarthy had some ideas of his own. he first wish to address the tone of the debate nationwide. it is too polarizing. it must move more towards the center. the chicago police department seized nine illegal guns for everyone gun seized the first six months of the year. legislation could help. in illinois there is no requirement to report the loss theft or replacement of a firearm. >> you give it to whoever you want. you sell it to everyone. that simple measure would change the dynamic of firearms. those guns to not have expiration dates. >> this is an idea that is in the conceptual stage. considering the possibility of boosting the number of charter schools. >> severe seriously considering that. as the ceo of 613 charter schools is says that his time to consider new options. it is for successful charter school operations to take over failing or so-called tu
Oct 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
larry sanders show." garry shandling and company, a show almost ahead of its time. jeffrey tambor. hey, now. >>> and bringing his own boom, boom, pow, chef michael symon. he's a carnivore, ladies and gentlemen. and proud of it. meat and so much more. >>> we have to finish up the all-star reunion blowout. we had so much fun with our friends at "entertainment weekly," bringing back all of the old favorites. we're reuniting the crew from "the larry sanders show." chris connelly was there. he's here to tell us all about it. hey, chris. >> reporter: good morning, george. as it was an extra in the '90s, it was probably ahead of its time. influential for shows like "30 rock," "curb your enthusiasm." >> most of my fan mail matches the handwriting of the unabomber. >> reporter: during the 1990s, "the larry sanders show" was a sitcom with a serrated edge. >> is there a problem or something? >> i'm walking right now. >> right. >> reporter: this reunion for "entertainment weekly" is a reminder of how ahead of its time larry sanders was. serving up some of those awkward comedy moments. >> i support
Oct 20, 2012 12:35am PDT
, "my brother did two books, so i'll give it a shot." >> jimmy: your brother, garry marshall -- i love his books. those are one of the first books i read when i went out to hollywood -- when i went to, like, try to make it in the business. "wake me when it's funny." >> well, wake anyone when it's funny. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. if it's funny. yeah, absolutely. but this is great, and i love the stories and all the cool photos in there. it's so cute. you wanted to be a dancer, right? >> no, i didn't want to be a dancer. >> jimmy: with that outfit? come on. >> my mother taught dancing school in the cellar of our apartment building in the bronx. >> jimmy: yeah. how cute. >> so she made us. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i mean, that's -- but she made you dress up and do the dance moves. >> yes. >> jimmy: see? well, you are a good dancer. so then, your brother went into -- and your sister -- >> my sister tapped and my brother played the drums. but, they left when i was 8. so, i was left with my parents, who hated each other. >> jimmy: as parents do. >> i got the brunt of it all. and they went
FOX News
Oct 28, 2012 12:00am EDT
they had this. now, i will go to gary burnson. are you there, garry? >> yes, i'm here. >> judge jeanine: this is all coming out in the last 48 hours. ty woods on the ground asking for backup supposedly with his laser on the mortars that ultimately killed him and there is no backup for hours and hours. what do you think of that? >> well, the first thing is this, that it was reported also one thing you haven't stated is that this based on reporting the ci instructed their people at the annex not to relieve those at the embassy under fire. they ordered them three times to stand down and the two former navy seals led a team contrary to orders to rescue those at the embassy. then bring them back and then expecting help themselves, never got it. if that is true -- >> judge jeanine: the sad thing -- go ahead, if that is true? >> if that is true it is unbelievable. the orders they should have been give season do whatever you can to resist and assist and rehe leave the embassy. that is the orders they should have been given. do in your power what you can to save the ambassador. if the president
Oct 26, 2012 2:00pm EDT
'm garry heart of colorado. nations even great nations sometimes require a voice of conscious. george mcgovern was the voice of conscience for our nation in our time. the voice of con sheens began with israel with it's profits call israel back to their purpose and cause. in america george mcgovern stood in the tradition of henry david author row of william brian and more recently of robert kennedy and of martin luther king. when the wounded veteran in vietnam needed a voice he was there. when the hungry child in american poverty needed a choice, he was there. when women, minorities and young people sought to breakdown the barriers of a closed political system, his voice was there. when sinister voices corrupted the political system and haunted the corridors of power in washington, he was there to warn us. voices of conscience make us uncomfortable. our political system forces them to the march. those made uncomfortable by george mcgovern's voice of conscious dismissed him as a liberal in an age which rids libber lism. he was larger than any liberal particularly a non-niesed one. liber
FOX News
Oct 26, 2012 8:00am PDT
a minute, wait a minute. he is going to tell you where the beef is. jon: walter mondale to garry harding. 1984. you are saying that this glossy brochure has a lot of slickness to it, but not a lot of substance? >> that's right. he loves how mitt romney doesn't have any details in this plan. it tells you specifics, but it really doesn't. you can could look it up on their campaign website. there a lot of nice pictures of him -- we have actually seen these plans before. it is a very pretty picture and nice quality, but there's nothing really in there. in terms of specifics. jon: a.b. stoddard is an associate editor of the hill newspaper. jenna: a lot of politics, a lot going on overseas. hurricane sandy on a collision course with a nor'easter. it can form a super storm of swords. but swords, it seems we have more from phil keating porter that's right, the storm remains off the coast of florida. it is moving northbound. all throughout the day, the weather is going to start improving from miami to fort lauderdale and northward. the effects of this hurricane, a lot of wind and rain over the la
Oct 11, 2012 7:00am PDT
tomorrow. ga gary -- garry shandling's "larry sanders show." >>> and coming up right now, kiss is here, live. everybody getting ready for that. [ cheers and applause ] >>> good morning i'm kristen sze. in east contra costa county, five people are injured in an accident involving five vehicles on basco road that roadway has been shutdown. >>> this is waze app showing shutdown between walnut boulevard and camino diablo pwufpl there. tow trucks en route, highway 4 is your alternate. bay bridge toll backed up metering lights on backed up into the macarthur maze. >>> a lot of grey skies out there. today hayward police expected to release information about a possible breakthrough in a 24-year-old child abduction case. michaela garecht was kidnapped in 1988. police are at the timing a bone fragment. -- police are testing . >>> good thursday morning. 54 in the city plenty of clouds around the bay it is sinking south of the bay area taking most of the moisture with it. still outside chance of showers from monterey to south bay increasing sun in the north bay little warmer there mid 60s to near
Oct 16, 2012 7:00am EDT
. host: a question from garry on twitter -- guest: that's a great question. one of the few things the obama campaign and the romney campaign agree on is they want their voters to get out early. they are mobilizing their resources to get as many people voted early or absentee as possible. if you can get someone to vote early or request an absentee ballot and return it early, that means that particular campaign to mark that supporter of their list and start to focus their resources as they get closer to election day on those voters who have not yet voted. whenever they can take their limited resources that focus on smaller part of the electorate, that will be beneficial. both campaigns are encouraging voters to go out and vote absentee. go ahead, florida. caller: i am in brower county in florida. once the request absentee ballots, they automatically sent a ballot to you for every other election. in the last election, we had a commission is white that turned in 400 absentee ballots. i think there should be a limit how high absentee ballots a person can turn in. i don't think you shou
Oct 24, 2012 7:00am EDT
-old autumn pasquale. more now from southern new jersey with jesse garry. >> good morning to you. for the past several days many people in the south jersey region have been asking what happened to autumn. now we know what, but it's the who and the why that's really rocked this community. two teenaged brothers, 15 and 17, now charged in the girl's murder. autumn had a passion for riding her white bmx bicycle, and apparently that's what they used to lure her to a house not far from where she lives. she disappeared saturday afternoon around 1:30. the parents reported her missing later that night, but it wasn't until monday night that investigators were -- a tip brought investigators to a house not far from where autumn lived where they discovered the girl's body, her bicycle and backpack. two brothers charged with killing her apparently over bicycle parts that they were trying to take from the girl. the entire community is definitely shaken by this. natalie. >> thanks so much. jesse. >>> a preliminary investigation into the massachusetts company at the heart of a deadly meningitis outbreak has fo
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)